Walking Tours In Malta

Walking Tours In Malta

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Walking Tours In Malta
  • Malta Tips
  • May 16, 2022

Wall-clad cities, breathtaking greeneries, stunning coastlines-there is a lot to take in when walking around in Malta. With so many alluring urban and natural settings to explore, it’s not a surprise that thousands of people choose to navigate the Maltese towns, cities, and trails on their feet. What are the best walks in Malta? Read on to learn what to expect on walking tours in Malta.



Before moving on to the rural parts of Malta, start your walks at the historic Maltese capital. Valetta stood witness to centuries of historical events and is home to several landmarks. Valletta, the cis is just as picturesque as the island’s more rugged landscape, thanks to its great forts, Baroque architecture, and a plethora of piazzas.

With North African, Southern and Central European, Middle-Eastern and British influences, the city boasts a great blend of cultures amid the panoramic views of the Grand Harbour and Marsamxett Harbour. Admire the fascinating architecture of Valetta and try out its delicious spread of street food offerings as you walk through the streets. 

Marsascala to Marsaxlokk Bay


This trail will require more physical effort than strolling through the city streets of Valetta and Mdina, but it’s worthwhile. It’s a four-hour walk to Marsaxlokk Bay from Marsacala. Along the way, you will discover some mind-blowing landscapes that will make you fall in Malta over and over again. So, we highly recommend exploring the trail that connects these two East Malta harbours. 

Unfortunately, you can’t make the entire trip on foot. You will have to take a boat at times to cross bays. However, it will give you the chance to rest and replenish yourself before continuing the walk. You will pass by some troglodyte settlements that are still inhabited by locals. If it’s the peace and isolation you are looking for, this trail would be a perfect choice.

Dingli Cliffs 


The Dingli Cliffs, located on Malta’s west coast, are the island’s highest point and offer some of the best views and treks. This is another trail that lies off the beaten track. While walking these magnificent miles, you will barely see another hiker. Fill up your lungs with the fresh, Mediterranean air and enjoy the marvellous Maltese countryside.

You’ll discover centuries-old cart ruts etched into the ground soon after you begin walking. The ruts will take you to the Ras il-Wardija, a Bronze Age village. Keep on walking, and you will come across the iconic Hagar Qim temples. You can also hit the Mnajdra Temple, which is not far from there, and catch a glorious glimpse of the Fifla, the archipelago’s southernmost island.

Alternatively, you can start from the Buskett Gardens and walk towards the Dingli Cliffs. The Buskett Gardens is one of the greenest places you would see in the country. Originally, it was part of the Verdala Palace, but it has grown beyond its borders and formed a large patch of woodland. There is a troglodyte cave nearby, which you can check out as well. The walk from Buskett Gardens to Dingli Cliffs will take 3 hours. 

Ghadira Bay To Red Tower 


Experience the beauty of Northern Malta by hiking from Ghadira Bay to the Red Tower. You will have to go to the northern region of Mellieha to explore this trail and it’s more than 14 kilometres long. It’s quite a long walk, but if you are a history buff, you will certainly love it! 

The trail returns to the Red Tower by following the coastline eastward. A variety of towers, stunning cliffs, sandy coves, olive groves, and fields of wild thyme are among the sights you’ll see along the journey. A redoubt next to the bay, the Vendome Battery near Mellieha, and the White Tower at Ir-Ramla tat-Torri will all be visible from the road. Along the coast, you’ll see the Santa Marija Tower, which stands out on the island of Comino.

Zurrieq to Sigiwi 


If you intend to interchange between swimming and walking, hit the trail between Zurrieq and Sigiwi in Malta. It’s another 14-kilometre endeavour that will reward you with some heavenly hilltop views. Along the way, you will get to see a set of sea caves. The famous Hagar Qim temples are also one of the spots you will be passing by while taking this trail.



Walking along Gozo’s Western shore is a great way to get a taste of the Maltese island’s natural beauty. Beautiful beaches, rocky hills, pristine waters and mysterious caves-Gozo has almost everything you would hope to enjoy on a trip to Malta. It’s not the most secluded trail on the list, but you will be so mesmerised by the coastal scenery that you will barely notice the swarm of tourists around you.

Gozo lost one of its main attractions, the rocky arch known as the Azure Window, in a 2017 storm. But, there is still so much more in Gozo to explore. Pick the town of Rabat as your starting point. Walk towards Ghadira ta’ Sarraflu. Once you get there head towards Ras il Wardija. Turn north and walk to Dwejra Bay.

The Azure Window would have been the highlight of the trail, but it’s no longer there. You will still get to see the Dwejra Tower and Ta’ Sarraflu, the only natural freshwater pond you’ll find on the island. 

How To Walk Around Malta 


You can opt to do your research and rely on Google Maps to navigate the trails we mentioned here. In towns and cities, you will find walking tours which charge a fee to show you around. Local guidance will help you discover locations you might have missed if you walked on your own. The fees are nominal. In some cases, you can pay whatever amount you feel like paying.


Walking tours in Malta, of course, don’t have the flexibility of solo exploration. You feel like taking a U-turn and seeing something interesting you have passed earlier; that would be only possible if you are walking by yourself. But, walking tours can help you meet new people, know more about the local culture and history, and ensure that you hit all the must-visit spots.

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