Activities You Must Do In Malta This Summer

Activities You Must Do In Malta This Summer
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Activities You Must Do In Malta This Summer
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  • Malta Tips
  • May 16, 2022

The summer has embraced Malta in all its glory. Summer is the best time to discover the archipelago’s turquoise Mediterranean waters and rustic scenery, as the sun shines brighter and daylight becomes more abundant. Malta boasts one of the best summer weather in the entire world. Summer in Malta bustles with life and dazzles with beauty. Besides the natural blessings, you will also enjoy several festivals and events that symbolise summertime in Malta. Here are some of the fun summer activities that await you there:

Attend Wine Festivals 


The wine festivals return to Malta this season after two years of pandemic-induced suspension. The Delicata Wine Festival will take place in August. The Delicata Wine Festival, hosted by Malta’s oldest family-run winemaker, is a celebration of all that is wonderful about Maltese wine. The Delicata Classic Wine Festival takes place over four days in Valletta’s Upper Barrakka Gardens and three days in Nadur, Gozo, coinciding with the beginning and end of the Maltese grape harvest.

The Marsovin Summer Wine Festival is another popular Maltese wine festival that is about to make a comeback. Usually, the festival takes place in July, but this year it will take place on August 2nd and 3rd. A prestigious Maltese wine producer with over a century of legacy, Marsovin will present 30 of their world-class wines from grapes cultivated around Malta and Gozo.

Enjoy Festas


Maltese Festas are the best way to socialize with the local people and learn about the longstanding traditions of Malta. The authorities have relaxed the covid regulations this year. So, the festas will return to full capacity. 

The Maltese hold an annual local festival in commemoration of their patron saints, which is largely a religious event. Depending on how many churches are in the area, each village has a different patron saint or two. There are dedicated churches for each saint. For this reason, several villages celebrate more than one feast per year.


What should you expect from Festas? An endless supply of food, drinks, parades, colours and sound! In celebration of the Festa, the interiors of the churches are decorated with religious artefacts and tapestries. Fete-like structures modelled like giant Spanish fans with woven pictures of patron saints adorn the town square. 

Some festas have already taken place but the busy season is still ahead of us. There will be more than 50 festas in the weeks of June, July, and August. So, if you visit in these months, do check whether or not there’s a festa happening nearby. 

Get A Good Tan 


Visiting the beach is an automatic entry into the itinerary when you visit Malta. The country has dozens of beaches lying around its beautiful shores. Get yourself a good tan lying underneath the gorgeous Maltese sun on a picturesque Maltese beach. However, make sure to go a bit early. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to find a spot.

Treat Your Taste Buds To Maltese Delicacy 


Maltese cuisine is one of the island nation’s most cherished treasures. You’ll be missing out on a lot if you don’t try the local cuisine while you’re there. One of a kind meal is what truly sets this restaurant different from the rest. From the local pasta to the peasant-style cuisine that the towns are famed for, make sure to sample everything. Locals love the rabbit meal, but there are plenty of other options if it’s too adventurous for you, or you’re a vegetarian.

Take The Party To The Next Level Chartering A Boat 


Take a break from the busy road and hit the waterways chartering a boat. In tourist seasons, roads get busier than ever in Malta. To avoid the traffic and parking hassle, charter a boat for a day and set sail for the premium swimming and diving spots around you. You will get to enjoy the soothing ocean breeze and take in the spectacular views of the Maltese coastline. 

Go Diving 


Many people feel paranoid when it comes to sea diving. If you want to break your comfort zone and finally try it, Malta is the best place for you. The water temperature here is remarkably comfortable, and the risks of predatory attack underwater are next to zero. Not to mention, the water quality here is one of the best on the planet. You can see clearly underneath the crystal clear waters.

Make sure you are under the supervision of a local diving expert during your diving adventures. You will find some sunken ships and aeroplanes in the waters surrounding Malta and Gaza. There are marine sanctuaries where you will come across a variety of underwater species. 

A broad variety of creeks and reefs are scattered across the seabed, creating a surreal atmosphere for you hours will go by like minutes. Additionally, there are numerous cave systems and rock structures to be seen in the area. Undoubtedly, these make the surroundings even more beautiful. 

Go To The Maltese Airshow 


The Malta International Airshow can be another memorable summer experience for you in Malta. Most of the time, this event takes place in September, and this won’t be an exception. If you are in Malta between September 24 and September 26, you can consider getting tickets for the show.

It is hosted at the grounds of Luqa and is recognised for its great aerial spectacle of the various kinds of aeroplanes high up in the sky. It is also hosted in the SmartCity Malta during the afternoon hour.

Conquer The Waves With A Jetski 


Jetskiing through the Mediterranean on a hot summer day is one of life’s few truly exhilarating experiences. Malta’s ideal summer weather leads to some immaculate circumstances to explore the island’s outer perimeters either solo or with another person on board. Also, since the water remains calm most of the time, you can hit full throttle without breaking a sweat. 

Take A Buggy Ride

Very few vehicles can give you as much of a joyride as a sports buggy can on the road!  Since Malta is a small country, you can drive practically anywhere in a buggy and spend the day bouncing from one city to another, beach to beach, without having to bother about public transport or even parking.

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