Best Instagrammable Spots in Malta

Best Instagrammable Spots in Malta
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Best Instagrammable Spots in Malta
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  • Malta Tips
  • August 23, 2023

In the era of digital wanderlust, travel photos and videos have become some of our best-treasured souvenirs. There’s something about capturing moments that keeps our holidays alive even once we’re back home. 

Malta’s unique character, winding streets, mesmerising seascapes, iconic landmarks, and rich history and culture make it the best candidate for elevating your Instagram profile to a new level. 

Whether you’re travelling with just your smartphone or fully-equipped camera gear, you won’t be disappointed with the picturesque spots in Malta. 

In this blog, we’ll discover some of the top spots to take photos in Malta, showcasing its distinct charm and beauty. 


Malta’s capital city, Valletta, is a treasure trove of Instagrammable spots. Get lost in its cobblestone streets among historic landmarks and baroque architecture while you immerse yourself in the bustling energy of contemporary life. 

Valletta’s diversity of scenes means you’ll be spoilt for choice for photo opportunities. Some of the most picture-perfect places you need to visit are: 

  • The Upper and Lower Barakka Gardens
  • St. John’s Co-Cathedral 
  • The Triton Fountain 
  • Parliament House Staircase 
  • Strait Street
  • Fort St.Elmo
  • St. Ursula Street
  • Valletta Siege Bell War Memorial
  • Republic Street
  • Valletta Waterfront

Three Cities

Malta’s so-called Three Cities—Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua—are the perfect locations for photo enthusiasts. Narrow alleys wind through centuries-old architecture, unveiling hidden corners and quaint facades that make the ideal subjects or backgrounds for your photos. 

With their timeless ambience and historical narratives, the Three Cities offer a visual journey that combines history, culture, and Mediterranean aesthetics, making your Instagram feed wanderlust heaven. 


Mdina, also known as Malta’s Silent City, is a photographic paradise. Its mediaeval streets, adorned with intricate architecture and charming details, offer some of Malta’s best Instagrammable spots around every corner. 

Popeye Village

Popeye Village is one of the island’s most unique photo opportunities. Initially crafted for the Popeye movie, this enchanting village draws thousands of visitors yearly with its colourful wooden houses and tranquil harbour.

With its blend of cinematic nostalgia, and scenic beauty, there’s a plethora of opportunities to capture joy-filled moments, whether by the water’s edge or amidst charming streets. 

Marsaxlokk Fishing Village

Marsaxlokk is among some of Malta’s must-visit destinations — for good reason. Here you can immerse yourself in the local life by visiting its bustling fish market, enjoy some of the island’s best food, and capture everything along the way. 

With its colourful traditional boats, known as “luzzus,” gently rocking on the azure waters, Marsaxlokk offers a lively contrast against the peaceful scene. Marsaxlokk’s authentic beauty and maritime heritage ensure that every photo narrates a tale of Mediterranean magic. 

Golden Bay

If you’re looking for the best Instagrammable place in Malta to capture the essence of the Mediterranean, you must visit Golden Bay. Capture the tranquillity as palm trees sway in the breeze as the beach’s golden sands meet the crystal-clear water. 

And, as the sun sets, a breathtaking spectacle unfolds. The sky transforms into a canvas of warm oranges, pinks, and purples, casting a mesmerising glow over the tranquil waters. Whether you’re just enjoying a stroll on the beach or the sun’s descent with some food and drinks, make sure you capture this unforgettable moment. 

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is a marvel of nature that beckons to be photographed. Nestled along Malta’s coast, this sea cave enchants visitors with its crystal-clear azure waters reflecting light in shimmering colours. 

As sunlight sneaks into the cave, it creates a surreal glow on the waters. The play of shadows and the tranquil surroundings and interplay of light and shadows provide a peaceful vibe, making it perfect for capturing the essence of this underwater marvel. 

Whether on a boat or standing on the rocks, every angle unveils the Blue Grotto’s charm, offering your camera a unique and unforgettable opportunity.

Blue Lagoon – Comino 

Blue Lagoon in Comino is among the most iconic landmarks in the Maltese archipelago and must-see beaches. However, it’s one of its most picture-perfect places too. 

With its crystalline turquoise waters and rugged landscape, this lagoon is a dream-like spot to capture, offering a captivating canvas for your lens to immortalise your stay in Malta. 

Azure Window (Dwejra)

The Azure Window at Dwejra was once a legendary natural arch that attracted photographers worldwide to capture its magnificence. Though the arch has since gracefully given way to time, the captivating coastal landscape is still as breathtaking as ever. 

The rugged limestone formations frame Gozo’s waters, providing a legendary backdrop, especially during sunset. 

Citadel (Cittadella) 

Another top Instagrammable place to visit during your trip to the Maltese Islands is the Citadel (also known as Cittadella) in Victoria, Gozo. Perched atop Gozo’s landscape, the Cittadella offers panoramic vistas of the island’s rolling hills and intricate details in its characteristic alleyways and buildings. 

As the sun casts golden hues all over its buildings, you’ll get the unique opportunity to capture a scene straight out of a postcard, creating an unforgettable backdrop for your lens. 

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