Best places to enjoy the sunset in Malta

Best places to enjoy the sunset in Malta

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Best places to enjoy the sunset in Malta
  • Malta Tips
  • September 15, 2021

Are you planning your trip to Malta? If the answer is “yes”, read this article and don’t forget to visit, at least, one of the best places to watch a perfect sunset in a beautiful seascape in Malta.

Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. With only a population of 500.000 people maybe that is the reason why Malta is for most of the people unknown.

Malta is located in a privileged position on the Mediterranean and this allows us to enjoy wonderful sunsets and sunrises from most of the island, but not only its location, its beaches, culture and lifestyle make Malta a special and unique place to visit.

Now, pay attention, discover Malta and enjoy the sunset show:

Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach or Ghajn Tuffieha Bay is a beach with sand located on the west coast.

For some people it is one of the best beaches in Malta for having a special sand colour and turquoise water.

If you are a bit lazy before going you have to know that to access this beach you have to go down around 180 steps to get to this beach.

Riviera is a place of positive vibes and a chilling environment.

Don´t forget to look on the west side. On the top, there is an old defense tower built in 1637. There are 13 of these guard houses on the island of Malta.

Golden bay

Golden bay is another sandy beach just some meters away from Riviera. This one is likely to be more popular because of its facilities and its large sandy area.

The colours of the sand remember to the gold and is why its name is Golden bay.

On the right side of the beach there is a bar that you can drink and eat while you are watching the sunset. There are also public toilets and the bus stop close by. Normally you can often see beach volleyball nets and groups of young people spending the day with friends, music and activities.

Lifeguards are normally in Golden bay during the summer months operated by the Malta Tourism Authority.

Remember if you take the bus, that this will always stop first in Riviera and then Golden is in the last stop, you have to wait about 4 minutes to get it.

Dingli Cliffs

Those cliffs are located 13 kilometers from Valletta and just 2 km from Rabat.

They are around 250 meters above sea level and are a really natural monument.

Before watching the sunset in the highest part you can also visit the small chapel of Maria Magdalena (Madliena) built in 1646. From there you will have a panoramic view of the cliffs.

Don’t forget to have a big towel and bring a picnic, choose your favourite place around Dingli and wait with some food and drinks for the show.

If you want to enjoy more spectacular views in Dingli, you have to take a hiking route to the Blue Grotto. The route is about 11 kilometres (this is only for the most adventurous people since the route lasts about 4 hours on foot).

Xlendi (Gozo)

This place is located on the small island of Gozo.

When you arrive in Gozo you will realize that it is a much more local environment, there are fewer tourists than in Malta and that makes it even more authentic and special. Don´t forget to visit Victoria, its capital. It is small with a population of 6000 people (like Valletta). It is full of life and is the center of the island.

From Malta if you have the car, you can take the boat from Cirkewwa with the car just paying a bit more. If you are going with the bus, you just have to take the ferry and in Gozo another bus but this option if you only want to see the sunset could be so tiring.

To get Xlendi you will have to go to the southwest of this small island. If you want to eat or take some drinks there you will find some restaurants that you can enjoy while you are watching the sunset with amazing views.


The island of Malta offers a multitude of options, here I have pointed out some of them that in my opinion are worth visiting even once.

As part of the recommendations, most of these places are not easily accessible considering if you depend on public transport.

Would be highly recommend renting a car for the days on the island if you want to do this kind of activity. Although with public transport you can get to practically any part of the island, if you have to bear in mind that punctuality and schedules can sometimes play a trick on your trip.

If you have rented a car, just enjoy the amazing island, its beaches, its culture and make an unique experience visiting those sunsets with the best company and drinks.

Remember that Malta is the country with the highest number of sunny days a year in the European Union, this means that surely on your visit to the island you have guaranteed sunny days and with it a spectacular sunset show.

And you? Have you discovered a special and magical sunset in Malta that we don’t have here? Do not hesitate to write your recommendation here below!

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