Creative Workshops and Artistic Explorations in Malta

Creative Workshops and Artistic Explorations in Malta
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Creative Workshops and Artistic Explorations in Malta
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  • Malta Tips
  • May 15, 2024

Malta, with its rich culture, offers many learning opportunities for people interested in hands-on experiences, especially on rainy winter days. 

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best creative activities that Malta has to offer for crafting, cultural, and photography enthusiasts. We go over unique Maltese crafts, cooking and language lessons. 

Whether you’re an experienced creative or simply looking to try something new, Malta’s spring and summer seasons provide the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and explore the island’s vibrant arts scene. 

Exploring Malta’s Crafts and Cooking

Malta’s rich cultural heritage and culinary traditions make it a treasure trove for those interested in exploring crafts and cooking. Here’s a list of activities if you’re interested in the creative arts: 

  • Ganutell Floral Art Classes: Ganutell is a traditional Maltese craft where you make beautiful flowers from wire and silk. In these workshops, skilled artisans teach you this unique and almost forgotten art form. It’s a fun way to preserve a significant part of Maltese cultural heritage. 
  • Maltese Lace Making Workshops: ‘Bizzilla’ is the local name for Maltese lace, a renowned craft with a long history. In these workshops, you can learn to make lace yourself, using bobbins and threads to create delicate patterns. 
  • Filigree Jewellery Making Classes: In these classes, you’ll learn how to make traditional Maltese jewellery. It involves twisting fine threads of silver or gold into intricate designs. It’s a unique opportunity to create a piece of wearable art while learning about this traditional craft.
  • Other Craft Workshops: Malta is also known for pottery and glass-blowing. You can take classes where you create your own souvenirs. Places like Ta’ Qali Crafts Village are great for observing artisans at work and participating in workshops. 
  • Traditional Maltese Boat Building Experience: For those interested in maritime heritage, some workshops offer insights into the traditional techniques of Maltese boat building, particularly the ‘luzzu’. These colourful boats are a symbol of Malta’s fishing culture, and the experience provides a hands-on understanding of this age-old craft.
  • Sea Salt Harvesting Experience: Malta’s traditional sea salt harvesting methods are a unique aspect of its culture. Joining a salt harvesting class lets you learn and take part in this process. It’s an interactive way to understand a vital part of Malta’s culture and sustainable practices. 
  • Cooking Classes: Maltese food is a mix of Mediterranean tastes and different cultural influences. Cooking classes teach you to make local dishes like ‘pastizzi’ and rabbit stew. 

As you can see, despite Malta’s size, its creative sectors have thrived and developed unique methods and styles. From wire and silk flowers, to lace-making and boat building, Malta’s creative industries continue to impress and inspire. 

Language and Cultural Learning Experiences 

For those keen on experiencing Malta’s unique culture, language lessons and cultural activities offer an exciting way to connect with the island’s rich heritage.

  • Language Classes: Maltese is a unique language, blending elements from Semitic, Romance, and English languages. In Malta, you can find language schools teaching both Maltese and English. Even learning a few phrases in Maltese can make your interactions with locals more enjoyable and give you a deeper insight into Malta’s culture.
  • Cultural Workshops: There are many workshops for visitors who want to learn about Malta’s history and traditions. These might include talks on history, guided cultural walks, and even music and dance classes. These workshops often focus on Malta’s traditional folk music, ‘Għana’.
  • Historical Reenactments and Role-Playing: Some groups in Malta organise events where you can dress up in period costumes and learn about Malta’s past, like the era of the Knights of St. John. 
  • Art and Literature Classes: Malta has a strong tradition in arts and literature. Art enthusiasts can enrol in painting or sculpture classes, often set in inspiring locations around the island. For those who love reading and writing, there are book clubs and writing workshops. These often focus on works by famous Maltese writers. Although the most historically famous Maltese writers generally wrote in Maltese (it was a symbol of defiance against colonialism), some Maltese writers used English. 

These activities are great ways to immerse yourself in Malta’s culture, especially for those interested in going beyond the usual tourist experiences. They offer a chance to learn, create, and explore Malta’s history and artistic heritage in a more interactive and engaging way.

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