Indoor Attractions for Rainy Days in Malta

Indoor Attractions for Rainy Days in Malta
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Indoor Attractions for Rainy Days in Malta
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  • Malta Tips
  • March 12, 2024

Everyone fantasises about their trip to Malta being sun-filled – but sometimes, the weather is less than ideal. 

Luckily, the island offers a wealth of indoor attractions to keep you entertained and engaged, showcasing its rich history and cultural heritage. From informative museums and galleries to historical houses, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on a rainy day in Malta. 

Museums, Galleries, and Historical Houses

Here’s a handy list of indoor attractions to explore, showcasing the island’s rich history and cultural heritage:


  • The Lascaris War Rooms in Valletta take visitors back to WWII, showing where crucial decisions were made during the war.
  • The Toy Museum in Valletta is a charming and nostalgic visit for all ages, this museum displays toys from the 1950s to the 1980s.
  • The Malta Classic Car Collection Museum (ranked 15th best in the world) in Qawra showcases a private collection of over 100 classic cars and motorbikes
  • The Domus Romana in Rabat, home to well-preserved Roman mosaics and artefacts, provides a glimpse into ancient Roman life in Malta.
  • Għar Dalam Cave and Museum in Birzebbuga, known for its prehistoric animal bone deposits, offers insights into Malta’s earliest inhabitants and their environment.
  • The Mdina Dungeons are located beneath the streets of the ancient capital, Mdina. These dungeons offer a glimpse into the darker side of Maltese history.

Art Galleries

  • The National Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta displays a collection of art spanning several centuries, showcasing Malta’s artistic heritage.
  • St. John’s Cavalier Art Centre in Valletta offers contemporary art exhibitions in a historic setting.
  • Valletta Contemporary in Valletta showcases modern art in a beautifully restored space, offering a contrast of old and new.
  • MUŻA – The Malta National Community Art Museum in Valletta hosts a collection of Maltese and European art, showcasing pieces from the late medieval period to modern times.
  • Gabriel Caruana Foundation – The Mill in Birkirkara is a gallery and cultural centre that is dedicated to promoting contemporary art and supporting local artists, housed in a historic windmill.

Historical Houses 

  • Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar, known as ‘the miniature Versailles’, is a splendid noble house with luxurious interiors and beautiful gardens.
  • The Inquisitor’s Palace in Birgu, one of the few surviving palaces of its kind, offers a unique insight into the period of the Inquisition in Malta.
  • Verdala Palace in Buskett serves as the official summer residence of the President of Malta. This 16th-century palace is surrounded by the Buskett Gardens, one of the few woodland areas in Malta.
  • Palazzo Vilhena in Mdina is also known as the Magisterial Palace. This Baroque palace houses the National Museum of Natural History. The building itself is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture.
  • Palazzo De Piro in Mdina now functions as a cultural and event centre. This palace offers stunning views of the island and contains an art gallery and a museum.

In conclusion, Malta offers a wide range of indoor attractions, including museums, galleries, and historical houses, that showcase the island’s rich history and cultural heritage. These attractions provide a fascinating glimpse into Malta’s past, from well-preserved Roman mosaics and artefacts to contemporary art exhibitions in historic settings. 

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