Valletta : Magical Nights In The Smallest Capital In The European Union

Valletta : Magical Nights In The Smallest Capital In The European Union

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Valletta : Magical Nights In The Smallest Capital In The European Union
  • Malta Tips
  • October 15, 2021

Valletta, a city enclosed in bastion walls that dates back to the sixteenth century, is the capital of Malta. It takes up only 0.8 kilometres of land, making it the smallest capital city in the entire European Union territory. Despite its small size, Valletta boasts a vibrant package of scenic beauties, rich culture, and historical landmarks.

Even five to six years ago, Valletta had nothing much to offer after sunset. The shops would close by 8 or 9 PM, and the city would look like a ghost town before the clock hit 10 PM. But, that is not the case anymore.

If you visit Valletta now, you would find something to do all night long. Stunning street lights, bustling markets, buzzing nightclubs-the nights in modern Valletta is full of attractions.

The best place to start the night is the iconic Valletta Waterfront. It is one of the best places in the entire Maltese archipelago to enjoy the sunset. Head to the western part of the Grand Harbour that faces the fortified city of Senglea. Take a sip in a glass of wine as you witness the sun slowly descending to an unknown abyss over the horizon.

night view of Senglea and Creeks from Valetta. Malta

The sunset is not the only reason you should visit the Valletta Waterfront. If you feel like it, you can spend the whole night here admiring the nocturnal charm of the Mediterranean waters.

The Valletta Waterfront is primarily a cluster of Baroque style warehouses where mariners used to berth their ships hundreds of years ago. These vessels were packed with anything from gold and riches to the more humdrum necessities of daily life. Commissioners appointed by the Knights of Saint John used to oversee the cargo discharge and collected customs duties.

You will find countless bars and restaurant around the area, each offering a diverse palette of food and beverage to satisfy your appetite. Some of these venues also have live musical performances. If you visit on special occasions, you will get to see fireworks in the sky. The majority of the restaurants provide al fresco eating right by the water. Not feeling like outdoor dining? Indoor dining options with mindboggling ambiences are also abundant.

The Valletta Waterfront hosts concerts and other cultural events in addition to a profuse selection of eateries. This location has such a comprehensive range of offerings that it will not disappoint anyone. New Year’s Eve fireworks is a traditional Valletta Waterfront event, so you are guaranteed to see some fireworks if you visit at that time. Apart from that, the venue hosts many festivals and concerts throughout the year.

In terms of practicality, the Valletta Waterfront serves as a busy transportation center. You can take a cruise tour, boat tour, water taxi tour, or even a sea-plane tour from here.

What can you expect from a night time boat ride from the Valletta Waterfront? As the vessel hauls away from the coast, relish the surreal beauty of the light-adorned Valetta coastline as the guide tells you all about the glorious history of the city.

After your boat ride, you can visit the Upper Barrakka Gardens, which is located in the eastern part of the city. It offers a mind-blowing view of the Grand Harbour, which is at its majestic best at daylight, but the nighttime view of the harbour with moving lights of boats is an experience you will reminisce about for years to come.

As you explore the garden, you can quickly familiarise yourself with the key events and figures in Maltese history by observing the statues and plaques that celebrate the eventful past of the archipelago. An evening visit will give you an exquisite sight of the fountains and statues under artificial light.

Only a few minutes north east of the Upper Barakka Gardens lie the beautiful Lower Barakka Gardens. You will get some stunning aerial view of the Grand Harbour from here as well, alongside the famous Three Cities of Senglea, Vittorioso, and Cospicua. The memorial of Sir Alexander Ball, Malta’s first British governor, is the primary attraction of the Lower Barakka Gardens.

It is a neo-classical monument standing in front of a beautiful water fountain, surrounded with palm trees and flowers. It is a great place to take a peaceful nighttime walk.

Theatres have been a mainstay in the Maltese culture for centuries. For an authentic Maltese nighttime experience, you can head to the Teatru Manoel, a historic theatre that has been Valletta’s landmark entertainment centre since 1732. The arena has a seating capacity of 632, so if you intend to attend an opera, concert, or any other cultural program at the venue, you should book your tickets in advance.

As the night grows older, you can go to Paceville if you want to do some clubbing before calling it a night. Paceville lies only 8 kilometres north of Valletta. If you do not want to go outside the city limits of Valletta, then the Valletta Waterfront would be a great option. You will find some great music lounges, shisha bars, and cafes around South Street and Strait Street.

But, we would highly recommend making the short trip to Paceville for the best night-out experience. It is one of the busiest party districts in entire Malta. There are a lot of bars here, you can meet a lot of people, and the entertainment options are also more diversified.

It is 100% safe to take a nightly stroll in the streets of Valletta late at night. The crime rates here are incredibly low, and the local enforcement authority is working round the clock to ensure the safety of thousands of tourists regularly visiting the city. So, if you want to wander around the city all night, there is no reason to feel hesitant.

Valletta will impress you both day and night with its iconic historic sites, picturesque setting, and all the amenities of modern life. Visit Valletta and uncover a whole new side of Malta.

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