With its vast coastline, historic cities, amicable climate, and vibrant culture, Malta is one of the most attractive places to spend your vacation on the planet. What items do you need to make the most out of your trip to Malta? In this article, we will highlight the things you need to prioritise while packing your bags for the Southern European country.


Not bringing sunblock on your trip to Malta can be compared to not bringing a pen to your exams. Malta is the ultimate sunbathing destination in Europe, so you will be spending a lot of time underneath the sun. While the sun does feel good on the skin, long term exposure to it will cause burns and lead to other skin problems. Pack a sunblock with high UV resistance to keep yourself safe underneath the Maltese sun.


Number two on your list should be swimsuits. Do not forget to leave your trunks or bikinis behind when you come to Malta. You might want to try them on beforehand to ensure that they still fit you perfectly if you have not worn them in a while. Perfect fitting is crucial for a comfortable day out on the beach. You won’t enjoy swimming either if the swimwear is not flexible enough.

Lip Balm

We often fail to realize that our lips are dangerously exposed to the sun while sunbathing. When we warm ourselves up and go for a swim in the sea, the saltwater makes our lips lose humidity at an accelerated rate. Therefore, it is common to come back with chapped lips from the beach. Use lip balm to keep your lips hydrated as you enjoy the glorious Mediterranean sun. 

Aloe Vera

Now, this one might come off as an odd inclusion, but hear us out. The skin healing properties of aloe vera are widely known. So, it would be smart to keep some nearby when you are visiting a place that gets more than 3000 hours of sunlight on average per year. If you sustain a sudden sunburn, aloe vera will give you instant relief and help you recover fast.

Flip Flops

Flips flops are a must to navigate to the sandy beaches of Malta. They are basically weightless, which makes them so comfortable to wear. But, they offer enough barrier between the scorching heat of the sizzling beach sand. You can also keep them on while traversing the city on foot. Flip flops make for a great fashion statement while being worn with shorts.

Microfiber Towel 

A towel is another beach essential that you must bring along in your Malta escapade. We would recommend microfiber towels because they are very easy to fold and occupy minimal space. You can easily accommodate them in your beach bag without having to compromise storage for other items. What makes these towels even more appealing is that they dry faster.

Pest Repellant

You can do without a pest repellant if you do not plan on doing much outdoor activities. But, staying indoors while visiting a place as beautiful as Malta would be quite eccentric, to say the least. You would be thanking us when the repellant comes in handy when you try to relax on the terrace around dusk or visit the rural areas in Malta.

Waterproof Bags For Smartphone

Nowadays, many premium phones come waterproof, but we would still advise you to keep a waterproof phone bag with you. They are cheap and offers an extra layer of protection to your phones. The sea water around the Maltese coastline is mostly transparent. So, you can take some amazing underwater photos. Put your smartphone in a waterproof zip bag and snap some surreal pictures with it. Nothing beats the natural deep blue filter of the ocean!

Water Shoes


While flip flops are delightful to wear, they might not be ideal for rocky beaches like the ones you would see in Gozo. When you visit a beach without a spread of sand, it would be better to wear water-resistant shoes. These shoes are not as lightweight as flip flops, but you will barely feel their weight on your feet. They do not get overly heavy when they get soaked in water as well. They offer superior protection against sharp objects since they have a thicker sole and more durable construction.  

Snorkeling Mask

Do you remember us mentioning earlier that the water surrounding the beaches in Malta are crystal clear? For this reason, Malta is an excellent choice for snorkelling. So, do not leave your snorkelling mask at home. Even if you never tried snorkelling before, you can consider giving it a try while visiting Malta. The Mediterranean water is pleasantly warm, which makes snorkelling in Malta such a delicate experience.


While our smartphones are equipped with powerful cameras these days, having a dedicated camera is always a better choice for more serious photography. Malta has an abundance of scenic places throughout its territory. Often mobile cameras cannot do justice to the breathtaking beauty of nature in Malta. If you have a high-end camera, you will find a lot of good use for it while visiting Malta.

Hiking Shoes and Light Backpack

Malta is home to a handful of stunning trails. You would need proper hiking gear for exploring them. Pack hiking shoes that can tolerate rocky terrains and other difficult conditions. Also, bring a lightweight backpack where you can keep water bottles and other necessary items while hiking. 

Portable Charger 

In Malta you will be spending most of your day outside, so you might not get the chance to recharge your phone. To make sure your phone battery do not run out of juice and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere, keep a portable phone charger with you.

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