Why Malta is The Perfect Winter Holiday Destination

Why Malta is The Perfect Winter Holiday Destination
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Why Malta is The Perfect Winter Holiday Destination
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  • February 12, 2024

Explore Malta in the quieter winter months, where you’ll find mild weather and less crowded streets. This season offers a mix of peaceful beach activities, beautiful nature walks, and lively cultural events. Winter in Malta is a perfect time for a relaxing yet culturally rich getaway.

Mild Mediterranean Winters: Exploring Malta’s Beauty

Malta, located in the central Mediterranean, enjoys a milder winter compared to much of Europe. The winter weather in Malta includes sunny days mixed with occasional short rainfalls, leading to clear skies. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities. Despite some windy conditions, the weather remains enjoyable overall, allowing visitors to appreciate Malta’s natural beauty and engage in outdoor pursuits.

In fact, from December to March, average temperatures range between 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F). Malta’s location, between Sicily and North Africa, helps maintain a warmer sea temperature around 16°C (61°F), making it great for swimming or diving.

A notable feature of Malta’s winter is the longer daylight hours. Even on the shortest day, the sun sets around 16:52, later than in many European regions where it gets dark before 16:00 in winter. The low, soft sunlight of the season enhances the island’s charm and is perfect for photography.

The mild climate means that you can comfortably explore outdoors with just light winter clothing and a jacket, avoiding heavy layers. This makes Malta ideal for activities like sightseeing in historic areas or enjoying its picturesque coastlines, ensuring a pleasant experience during the cooler months.

Winter in Valletta and the Three Cities: A Cultural and Historical Journey

Valletta, the capital of Malta and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, transforms into a hub of history, art, and culture in the winter. With cooler temperatures and fewer tourists, it’s an ideal time to explore its historical sites more intimately. 

St. John’s Co-Cathedral, with its simple exterior and rich baroque interior, is a highlight. It houses Caravaggio’s famous painting, “The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist,” and a collection of historical religious artefacts. The Grand Master’s Palace, once home to the Knights of St. John and now the President’s office, lets visitors explore Malta’s history through its elegant rooms and armoury.

The National Museum of Archaeology, set in a baroque building, walks visitors through Malta’s history from prehistoric times to the Phoenician Period, and is particularly inviting in winter. Walking along the fortifications and bastions of Valletta offers stunning views of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities, especially beautiful during winter sunsets. The Manoel Theatre, one of the oldest working theatres in Europe, provides a rich cultural experience with its lavish interior and history of performances.

Nearby, the Three Cities – Birgu, Senglea, and Cospicua – reveal their historical charm more peacefully in winter. Birgu is known for its rich history, Senglea for its maritime past, and Cospicua for a mix of old and new. Sites like the Maritime Museum in Birgu and the Gardjola Gardens in Senglea offer unique insights into Malta’s history, while Cospicua’s fortifications are ideal for quiet walks. 

Together, Valletta and the Three Cities offer a rich cultural experience, making them great destinations for exploring Malta’s history and culture in the winter.

Winter Festivities in Malta: A Celebration of Tradition and Community

Malta’s winter season is a time of vibrant festivities and rich cultural traditions. During Christmas and New Year’s, the island transforms into a festive wonderland. Streets in towns and villages are beautifully decorated, creating a magical atmosphere with carol singers and festive markets that reflect Malta’s Christian heritage and communal spirit.

A special part of Malta’s Christmas is the ‘presepju’, or nativity scenes, intricately crafted and displayed in homes and churches. These scenes, often featuring moving figures and detailed designs, showcase the locals’ artistic skills. The midnight mass, with the unique ‘Priedka tat-Tifel’ where a child delivers the sermon, adds a special touch to the celebrations. Traditional sweets like ‘qagħaq tal-għasel’ (treacle rings) are enjoyed during this festive time.

New Year’s Eve is lively, especially in Valletta, with street parties, concerts, and fireworks. Hotels and venues often host gala dinners and parties with live music and dancing.

February’s Carnival is another highlight, filled with colour and excitement. Valletta hosts family-friendly events, while Nadur in Gozo offers a more adult atmosphere. The Carnival parade features elaborate floats and costumes, celebrating Malta’s creativity.

Easter is a significant time in Malta, marked by solemn processions during Holy Week and joyful celebrations on Easter Sunday. Traditional foods and beautifully decorated churches during this period emphasize Malta’s strong traditions and community bonds.

Outdoor Winter Activities in Malta

Winter in Malta provides a peaceful setting for swimming, away from the summer crowds. The seas are quieter, offering a chance for serene swims at empty beaches. However, swimmers need to be cautious and check the weather, especially the wind, before going for a swim.

Malta’s coastline has beaches suitable for various wind conditions. In the North, Paradise Bay is known for its clear waters and views of Gozo and Comino, perfect for winter swimming. St. Peter’s Pool in the South, with its natural bay and rock formations, offers a calm spot for swimming, especially on days with light southern winds. St. Thomas Bay in the East provides a relaxed atmosphere and nearby restaurants. Golden Bay in the West, with its sandy beaches and cliffs, is great for swimming and walks during winter.

Besides swimming, Malta’s winter is ideal for walking and exploring. The Dingli Cliffs in the West offer breathtaking sea views, while the coastal trail from Mellieħa to Golden Bay mixes beach views with the countryside. The walk from Għajn Tuffieħa Bay to Għajn Tuffieħa Tower offers panoramic vistas. The Victoria Lines, or the Great Wall of Malta, and the lush Buskett Gardens are great for historical and nature walks. There are also Gozo’s coastal walks, which provide rugged scenery and are less crowded in winter. 

Overall, Malta in winter is excellent for both peaceful beach activities and scenic walks.

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