Beach Hop in Malta: The Top 5 must-see beaches

Beach Hop in Malta: The Top 5 must-see beaches
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Beach Hop in Malta: The Top 5 must-see beaches
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  • July 12, 2023

Malta is known for many things — but one of the most popular ones is its beaches. 

The island’s coastline offers a tapestry of diverse landscapes and vibrant waters, from sandy stretches to hidden coves. 

Whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, the perfect spot to soak up the sun, or a little bit of all, rest assured that Malta has a beach just a stone’s throw away to make your beach dreams come true.

But with a variety of options comes a variety of dilemmas on which beaches to pick for your next seaside escape. So we’ve handpicked some of Malta’s top 5 must-see beaches, all offering unique experiences that will leave a lasting impression beyond your stay on the island. 

Mellieha Bay

Known as “Ghadira” among the locals, Mellieha Bay is the largest sandy beach in Malta and is situated at the northern tip of the island. 

It’s among the most popular beaches with locals and visitors, and when you see its crystal-clear turquoise waters and a long stretch of sand, you’ll quickly understand why. 

The beach is easily accessible by both private and public transport. There are many various facilities nearby, including restaurants, kiosks, public amenities, and deck chair renting services.

The sand, shallow waters, and accessibility make it extremely family-friendly.

If you’d like to visit some historical landmarks while there, you’re in the right place. Just adjacent to the beach is the charming village of Mellieha. Mellieha adds a delightful dose of cultural enchantment to your beach experience with its quaint streets, panoramic views, and attractions.

Golden Bay

The name of this beach is a clear indication of its defining feature – its golden sands.

Located next to Għajn Tuffieħa on Malta’s northwest coast, Golden Bay is famous for its reddish sand (that appears golden at times) and the dunes that naturally form on the nearby slopes. 

Like Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay is easily reachable by public and private transport and is ideal for watersports and other adventurous beach activities. 

The beach is also very well known among the locals in the evening, as couples and groups of families and friends gather around their barbecues or takeouts to enjoy the mesmerising sunset and spend the summer night there. 

Peter’s Pool

Are you planning to continue your journey south on the island? If so, make sure to visit St. Peter’s Pool. This natural swimming pool is perfect for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts, with its turquoise waters and rugged limestone cliffs creating a stunning and picturesque view. 

Unlike traditional sandy beaches, the pool’s flat rocky platforms make for ideal sunbathing spots and exhilarating cliff jumps for thrill-seekers. 

This natural pool is at the tip of Delimara Point, near Marsaxlokk — Malta’s largest fishing village. 

Especially if you visit during the week, you’re in for a tranquil experience away from the bustling crowds, where you can enjoy this peaceful sanctuary while experiencing Malta like a local. 

Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay is renowned as one of the most stunning and iconic beaches in the Maltese Archipelago. 

This idyllic sandy beach is located on Gozo Island, just a short ferry ride from Malta, and is worth the trip alone. 

With its distinctive reddish-golden sand stretching far and wide, this beach is a must-visit for locals and travellers alike.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful day of sunbathing, a stroll along the shoreline, or a fun-filled beach day with your loved ones — you won’t be disappointed.

The beach is easily reachable by private and public transport and is very well-served, with restaurants, public amenities, and a deck chair renting service. 

Ramla Bay is not only meant for people seeking relaxation. Rising just above the beach, you can find Calypso’s Cave, said to be the cave mentioned in Homer’s epic, “The Odyssey.” Take a quick hike to discover a famous cave, enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the bay, and learn about the historical significance of this landmark as you explore its marvels.

Blue Lagoon 

It’s hard to write about Malta’s top 5 must-see beaches without mentioning the internationally-popular Blue Lagoon!

Tucked away on the small island of Comino, the Blue Lagoon is an absolute treasure in the Mediterranean. With its surreal turquoise waters and enchanting beauty, it has rightfully earned its place as one of Malta’s most iconic destinations.

And we’ll tell you one thing. It’s just as, if not more, beautiful than the photos and videos you’ve seen on social media. 

After just one boat ride from Malta, you’ll land in the most crystal-clear, shimmering blue waters — a haven for swimming, snorkelling, and simply relaxing. 

You can also get a boat ride to the nearby caves, allowing you to admire the coastal wonders and magnificence from all points of view. 

As you can imagine, the Blue Lagoon does get quite crowded during peak seasons, as it has become a must-visit destination for all. We suggest arriving early or visiting during off-peak times to savour the location’s tranquillity and admire its unique charm. 

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